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The Power to Create

"Have you ever been asked to dim your light? Please get out of that room immediately." This was a phrase taken from a tedtalk I watched recently. Have someone ever asked you to dim your light? To be less of who you are? Where in the moments you were simply being, you were judged, and [...]

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On Leadership

Had a bit of a reflection time on this aspect: Leadership. How many of you have taken on a leadership position? If you have, you would know, how it is like to work with a team. Within a team, you have people coming from different backgrounds. To the person leading a team, it is of [...]

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Not Creative, “Not an Artist” you say

So You Don't Think you are Creative? Ever heard of the comments, "I am just practical, not an artist, " "I am not an artist" or flat out "I can't do art." There are people that believe if individuals aren’t born with creativity, they will never be creative. This to me made me think of [...]

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Why Hang around Creative People

The crowd that you hang out with influences your actions – and ultimately the way you think. So today I have to ask myself… Are you hanging out with people that inspire you? Are you hanging out with people that stretch you outside your boundaries? Are you hanging out with people that get you thinking [...]

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