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The Largest Obstacle that people have is not knowing that they can Easily learn how to create Art

  • Ontario Certified Teacher
  • Over 12 Years of Teaching & Painting Experience
  • Founder of Paint A Smile (Non-Profit Organization)
  • Certified to teach students with Special Needs

  • Award Winning Professional Artist

“I believe everyone is an artist in their own unique way.
Everyone has creative potential”

           Sylvia is an Award Winning Artist and Ontario Certified Teacher who creates opportunities for people to get in touch with their inner ‘artist’ and inspires youth to make a difference in the community by use of their creativity and imagination. Owns and operates successful community art initiatives and events, Sylvia Chan is a professional artist and art educator from Markham with over 10 years of painting and teaching experience. In addition to teaching, she creates original artwork to beautify home and business spaces. She is also the founder of Paint A Smile, a non-profit committed to providing art workshops for kids in need in the community so that they can learn to be confident and unleash their creativity.

She completed a Bachelors of Education at the University of Toronto and a Bachelors of Fine Arts at Concordia University. Sylvia was also selected to pursue her studies at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, England. Sylvia Chan attended the Visual Arts York program at Unionville high school, where she was awarded the annual Jason Sincarsin Memorial Scholarship Art Award for artistic excellence. She is ambitiously passionate about the arts, which she expresses through her exploration of various art forms: breakdancing, martial arts, performance arts, drama, painting, sculpting, and mixed media. She has been breakdancing for 5 years and has competed in tournaments internationally in Baltimore, Paris, Nanjing and Hong Kong with her dance crew. She has created and facilitated youth inspired workshops in relation to the arts that empowered youth to develop their creativity, self-esteem and leadership skills.

Art has the ability to bridge gaps between people and bring together a community’

Sylvia’s Resume