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Sylvia Chan Art School offers a variety of fun and creative art classes in Markham for children, teens and adults at all levels, starting at age 3. Beginner classes are step by step with guided demonstration and instruction, while advanced students choose their own subject matter. Teen classes are portfolio development based, mentoring them towards their artistic dreams


  • Ontario Certified Teacher

  • Over 12 Years of Teaching Experience

  • Founder of Paint A Smile (Non-Profit Organization)

Welcome to The Art Class Page, a place for art lovers and seekers of art knowledge. If you are looking for art classes, this page is for you. I’m Sylvia Chan, the artist and the teacher who will be guiding you and your children on the journey of artistic discovery.

Sylvia is an award winning artist who has created over 300 pieces of artwork bringing beauty and positivity into home and business spaces with over 12 years of teaching experience. Some of the awards she received are the Jason Sincarsin Memorial Scholarship Art Award for artistic excellence in 2008 and the Top Emerging Toronto Artist Recipient of the ETA awards in 2015 among many others. Her motivation to creating art is to inspire people.