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Get your Personality and Story Painted in Colour! We provide Personalized artwork

In kindergarten, Sylvia’s teacher handed her a paint brush to create one of her first pieces of artwork. She began mixing colours and discovered how new colours could be formed. Sylvia thought that this was magical. Her fascination with colour continued and she now uses colours and her gift to paint, portraying personalities and the essence of her subjects. Colours express more than a mood or an emotion — it captures a person’s story.

“Each Person has a Personality and Story that is Unique and Special”

You want to know, “How much?”

A painting doesn’t have to be expensive. Fact is, you can be every bit as effective with a small- budget painting as you can be ineffective and wasteful with a national campaign-sized budget. Painting a piece is scalable, depending on what you want painted to include. By working with you to analyze your artistic needs, we can help you determine where your energy should be spent and prioritize those elements that make sense for your goals and your budget.

When looking for a price, it’s important to keep in mind there are well over 30 different painting elements that affect a budget. The easiest and most direct approach is to give us a call. We’d love to work through the details with you and provide a simple quote. If however you’re not ready, below are a few things that may help you with your research.

Apples to Apples

Like many creative industries, it’s almost impossible to take two quotes from two suppliers and compare
them by line item because each company will take a different approach to a project.

It’s not what you spend, but How you spend it

We all know the line, “you get what you pay for.” But sometimes it goes deeper then that. Having over 30 painting variables to consider when putting a painting together, as artists we have the ability to shift ideas, elements and budgets around to ensure the painting meets your needs.

Typical Budget Ranges

Our paintings tend to sit in the $500 to $5,000 range. That’s a big range and obviously a lower budget gets you a different painting than a higher budget. Keep in mind your first task is to accomplish your goal; second to that is how the painting looks. If the goals can be accomplished with a simpler approach and a lower budget, then it’s your choice to spend more if you want to – you’re in control of that.

In the end, it’s your space and getting a right art to fit that space – so make sure you’re working with an artist that really gets it. To talk through your project or idea, give us a call and we can work through the details or drop us an email and we can provide you a simple quote

Your work on the painting I requested absolutely blew my mind!!! Shes gorgeous. I have carried that picture with me for almost a decade waiting for the right person to create it. I’m not sure how you did it, but you made my painting more beautiful and vibrant then the original picture!! I’m absolutely in love with it. I Can’t thank you enough for doing such an amazing job. You were accommodating of delivery arrangements and method of payment given our distance apart. That was so much appreciated!! Take care and I’ll be in touch when I decide on my next piece of artwork that I fall in love with!!
Dawn Bailey
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