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Summer Camp Fun!

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Pablo Picasso

Inspiring students to use their creativity and imagination to create art, as well as learning technical skills.

Summer Art Camp Weeks:

July 9th to 13th
July 16th to 20th 
August 6th to 10th 
August 13th to 17th  

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Note: Pack a lunch (we have games and food at snack time).

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Full Day $350  + HST / week (save $50)
Half Day $185 + HST / week (save $65)
Single Full Day $ 80 + HST
Single Half Day $ 50 + HST
Extended Hours: $15 per day flat rate

Full Day 9am – 4pm
Half Day AM  9am – 12pm
Half Day PM 1pm – 4pm
Extended hours 8:30am – 5:30pm

What’s Included
All Arts and Craft materials

Age Group
Our camps are for children aged from 4-16 years old. We will group children according to their age.

Camp Theme Descriptions

Week 1:  July 9th to 13th
Theme: Famous Artists and their Subjects

Location: 186 Town Centre Boulevard, Unionville

Michelangelo, Leonardo De Vinci, Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe and Vangogh are some of the artists in which we will be exploring, who has changed the way we see things. This is an introduction to some famous works of art and artists. Students will explore some of the most popular artists throughout history while creating their own pieces of art. We will be looking into the different mediums, subject matter and styles in which famous artists have attempted to use and explore.

Week 2:  July 16th to 20th
Theme: Painting Animals and their Habitats
Location: 186 Town Centre Boulevard

This week, students will explore animals and create paintings inspired by facts about animals and their habitats. Each day, we will be exploring different animals, such as bears, birds, reptiles and tigers. This week will consist of fun projects where students will understand better on how animals live.

Week 3:  August 6th to 10th
Theme: Exploring Art Around the World
Location: 186 Town Centre Boulevard

It is important to look at art from other cultures. The world is a colourful place of different languages, skin colours, and different cultures. To build an appreciation for other cultures around the world, we will look at the various artwork produced by the different areas of the world. Through looking into and exploring other cultures, this will allow students to see the way people live and gain appreciation of the many cultures we have.

Week 4:  August 13th to 17th
Theme: Drawing + Illustration Fun! (Anime + Cartoon Included)
Location: 186 Town Centre Boulevard

This week focuses on drawing techniques. Topics could range from animals, portraits, figures, landscape and still life drawing. Students will be exposed to drawing with soft pastel, oil pastel, ink, colour pencil crayon, charcoal, conte and watercolour

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Student Artwork

“Ms. Chan is a great teacher and she is amazing with kids, my kids drawing skills improved a lot and they were able to learn basic concepts like shading, Cross Hatching Technique, Water Colour – Lands scape and Animals. They were able to focus, enjoy and learn to be patient which is the most needed skill for success. I would strongly recommend Ms.Chan for anybody who is looking into learning art :)”
Vanitha (Parent)

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