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Grade 7 student

Mentoring Students Towards their Artistic Dreams by providing Customized Art lessons

(Age 12+)

Teens get the chance to learn about the different mediums to discover where their interests lie. Students will create artwork that could be used for their portfolio. They will explore a wide variety of different mediums to develop knowledge and skills. Lessons are customized according to the students learning level

Note: Students will be requested to purchase their own materials to bring to class. Material list will be given prior to the first class

                  “Educate the Mind & Heart so students can one day grow up to do what they Love and Love what they do.”

Teen Art Classes

Portfolio Development Focused

2 hour sessions: $38+HST

Teen Art Classes

General Group Teen Class

1.5 hour sessions: $28+HST

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Reach their Artistic Dreams~


Location + Times

16 Astrid Terrace

Teen 2 hour (Portfolio Focused) Class
Sun. 3:30-5:30PM FULL
Sun. 5:30-7:30PM FULL
Thurs. 7:30-9:30PM 1 spot left

Teen 1.5 hour Art Class
Thurs. 8:00-9:30PM -2 spot left

186 Town Centre Boulevard

Teen 2 hour (Portfolio Focused) Class
Mon. 6:00-8:00PM 1 spot left 
Tues. 6:00-8:00PM FULL
Wed. 6:00-8:00PM 1 spot left
Friday. 6:30-8:30PM 2 spots left 
Sat. 1:00-3:00PM 1 spot left 
Sat. 3:00-5:00PM FULL

Waiting List Available*

Basic Package

Ages Duration Monthly Plan 13 weeks: 12-weeks Plan (3 months) + 1 additional Free Class
12-20 years old 1.5 hours $112+ Hst  $336+ Hst (Includes 1 Free Class)
12-20 years old 2 hours $152+ Hst  $456+ Hst  (Includes 1 Free Class)
Sibling discount: 5% off for two siblings
10% for 3 siblings

Students Artwork

“Sylvia’s art classes have helped me a lot because she like to take my opinion on what I want to focus on or what I want to draw and paint about. She has helped me get more involved. Her art classes are also a “Here’s how you do it , now try it for yourself “ instead of telling me do this and that and this. She also talk to me to keep me entertained”
Brigitta (Age 13)
“Ms. Chan is a great teacher and she is amazing with kids, my childrens drawing skills improved a lot and they were able to learn basic concepts like shading, Cross Hatching Technique, Water Colour – Lands scape and Animals. They were able to focus, enjoy and learn to be patient which is the most needed skill for success. I would strongly recommend Ms.Chan for anybody who is looking into learning art :)”
Vanitha (Parent)

Common Questions

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Teen sessions are semi-private: The group teen classes are $28+HST for 1.5 hours.

+ Creating an environment that is safe, supportive and inclusive
+ Instruction invite interaction, inquiry, creative exploration and critical analysis
+ learn about the elements, principles and techniques of visual arts

1) Foster Creativity.
2) There is no greater feeling of freedom
Getting lost in the moment while creating art is liberating.
3) There is no wrong answer
You can make anything you want, and if it is pleasing to you, it is successful, there is never a wrong answer.
4) Yes, you can
Art and creative, expressive freedom is something that each and every person is capable of. To not at least create some art is to not fully embrace your internal capabilities
5) You will learn things about yourself you didn’t know
During hours spent alone engaged in your creative task, your thoughts and mindset will be shifted into a state of complete freedom from stress, anxiety and negativity
6) You will challenge yourself to consistently grow
One of the most rewarding things about making art is the fact that it is never complete, and once you get really into it, you will start on a quest of deep personal development.
7) Thinking outside the box
Once engaged in a form of art, your mind will constantly be churning with new thoughts, ideas

Location: 16 Astrid Terrace, Markham (16th and Mccowen Rd)
Location: 186 Town Centre Boulevard, Unionville (Highway 7 and Warden)

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