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ylvia Chan Creates Artwork To Bring More Beauty & Positivity Into The World. She Also Inspires & Teaches Young Artists To Unleash Their Creative Genius.


We Paint Peoples’ Personality & Stories in Colour

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“I requested an art piece for my boyfriend’s Birthday/Christmas. He loves soccer and when I saw the work that Sylvia does, I knew it would be the perfect way to honor what he does. Sylvia was great to work with because she actually spoke to my boyfriend to get an idea of his personality and preferences before creating the work. Her delivery of the painting was professional yet personal; you don’t feel like you’re being handed over a commercial product. My boyfriend, and everyone else I showed, was in awe with the painting. If you’re looking for a really different sort of gift for someone that they will love, I definitely recommend speaking to Sylvia and ordering your painting.”
Sonia Borges
“My wife and I really love Sylvia’s work. The colours, technique, subject poses, and flowing hair are intriguing and alluring unlike anything we have seen. As a result, we commissioned Sylvia to do a very large painting for us. She took our idea and put her magic to work to produce a beautiful piece that is prominently displayed in our family room which can be viewed from our living room and kitchen as well. We also have one of her originals. We are more than pleased and follow her work on Facebook.”
Gary Henrichs

Art Classes for Children, Teens & Adults

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“Sylvia’s art classes have helped me a lot because she like to take my opinion on what I want to focus on or what I want to draw and paint about. She has helped me get more involved. Her art classes are also a “Here’s how you do it , now try it for yourself “ instead of telling me do this and that and this. She also talk to me to keep me entertained”
“Ms. Chan is a great teacher and she is amazing with kids, my kids drawing skills improved a lot and they were able to learn basic concepts like shading, Cross Hatching Technique, Water Colour – Lands scape and Animals. They were able to focus, enjoy and learn to be patient which is the most needed skill for success. I would strongly recommend Ms.Chan for anybody who is looking into learning art :)”

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“I feel very blessed to own it Sylvia. From the moment I saw the painting I wanted it.The picture doesn’t even come close to doing your artwork justice. You are such a talented and bright soul! Time for me to have another party just so everyone has a chance to see it!”
Jody Paul
“Your work on the painting I requested absolutely blew my mind!!! Shes gorgeous. I have carried that picture with me for almost a decade waiting for the right person to create it. I’m not sure how you did it, but you made my painting more beautiful and vibrant then the original picture!! I’m absolutely in love with it. I’ll be in touch when I decide on my next piece of artwork that I fall in love with!! “
Dawn Bailey

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Welcome to The Art of Sylvia Chan, a place for art lovers of all sorts. If you are looking for art classes or purchases of original artwork, this site is for you. I’m Sylvia Chan, the artist and the teacher who will be guiding you and your children on the journey of artistic discovery.

Sylvia is an award winning artist who has created over 300 pieces of artwork bringing beauty and positivity into home and business spaces. Some of the awards she received are the Jason Sincarsin Memorial Scholarship Art Award for artistic excellence in 2008 and the Top Emerging Toronto Artist Recipient of the ETA awards in 2015 among many others. Her motivation to creating art is to inspire people.