Art Installations

What is an Art Installation?

Art installations are site specific art pieces – they are designed for your particular space and can be temporary or permanent. Art installations are generally of a  large scale and can consist of several different mediums. An art installation for a corporate or educational space might be a mural – with or without 3 dimensional elements – a large painted piece designed for the space, or a sculpture.

Why Hire Sylvia?

Sylvia has completed several sucessful, large scale installations. Recently she has completed a painted mural with three dimensional elements for the library of Lester B. Pearson Public School. She has also completed a large scale photo compilation of over 700 photos  for Armadale Public School.

Sylvia not only tailors the art to the space and client, but she can also tailor the installation process to include the client. Ever wanted to help paint a mural, get your hands dirty building a sculpture, or flex your creative muscles with helping to design the piece? Creating a piece of art together can be a very powerful team building exercise or a great learning opportunity.  Don’t want to be involved in the installation? No problem! It is all at the client’s discretion. 

The Process

Creating an installation or any piece on a large scale takes a lot of planning. To get started on an installation project, you will need to provide the following:

  • Dimensions of the installation
  • Type of installation – mural, sculpture, mural with 3D elements, etc.
  • Description or theme 
  • Preferred Materials

 Next, Sylvia will contact you to go over the specifics of your concept or theme. From there it is a matter of working together to create the final concept, decide on the best materials for the project, and come up with timelines. This process can be as collaborative or as hands-off as you’d like, but typically includes some coaching from Sylvia based on her artistic expertise and understanding of materials.