Tell Your Story with Custom Artwork

“Each Person has a Personality and Story that is Unique and Special”

In kindergarten, Sylvia’s teacher handed her a paint brush to create one of her first pieces of artwork. She began mixing colours and discovered how new colours could be formed. Sylvia thought that this was magical. Her fascination with colour continued and she now uses colours and her gift to paint, portraying personalities and the essence of her subjects. Colours express more than a mood or an emotion — it captures a person’s story.


The Process

Sylvia creates special and incredibly personalized pieces of art for all of her clients. She can take multiple images, as well as different backgrounds and elements into account when creating your custom painting. To get started she will need:

  • Dimensions of the final piece
  • Reference images of the subjects and background
  • Colours you prefer
  • Medium 
  • Any other notes 

 Next, Sylvia will contact you to go over the specifics of your piece. From there it is a matter of working together to create the final concept, decide on the best materials for the project, and come up with timelines. This process can be as collaborative or as hands-off as you’d like, but typically includes some coaching from Sylvia based on her artistic expertise and understanding of materials. 

Past Commissions


"I commissioned a painting from Sylvia after being inspired by her series of artwork. She worked with me for hours on end to shift through photos for the perfect image to paint from, find the right style, and colour scheme. The amount of passion Sylvia has for her work is unmatched and shows through in her artwork. She managed to breathe life into the painting, which was well received by everyone."

Soccer Player

"I requested an art piece for my boyfriend's birthday. He loves soccer and when I saw the work that Sylvia does, I knew it would be the perfect way to honor what he does. Sylvia was great to work with because she actually spoke to my boyfriend to get an idea of his personality and preferences. My boyfriend, and everyone else I showed, was in awe with the painting. If you're looking for a really different sort of gift for someone that they will love, I definitely recommend speaking to Sylvia and ordering your painting. "



Family Painting

Get your Personality and Story Painted in Colour!