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Unlocking Your Child’s Creativity

Your child will be asked to explore a wide variety of materials, in which will be new to them. Through exploration and discovery, your child will be broadening their art terminologies and art techniques. Your son or daughter will learn how to make sculptures, mixed media artwork and learn about painting techniques and drawing techniques.

The lessons are full of fun, and there is something new each day.

Your child will learn :
• Learn techniques in drawing and painting
• The elements and principles of design: colour, form, value, shape, etc
• How to use art as a way to express themselves
• Learn a variety of materials and how to use them
• Art terminologies

Art can help build students self-esteem and confidence and at the same time, allowing them to find their individual voice. Art and creative, expressive freedom is something that each and every person is capable of. To not at least create some art is to not fully embrace your internal capabilities.

“Every Child is an Artist in their Own Unique Way”

“Ms. Chan is a great teacher and she is amazing with kids, my kids drawing skills improved a lot and they were able to learn basic concepts like shading, Cross Hatching Technique, Water Colour – Lands scape and Animals. They were able to focus, enjoy and learn to be patient which is the most needed skill for success. I would strongly recommend Ms.Chan for anybody who is looking into learning art :)”
Vanitha (Parent)