Why Hang around Creative People

The crowd that you hang out with influences your actions – and ultimately the way you think.

So today I have to ask myself…

Are you hanging out with people that inspire you?

Are you hanging out with people that stretch you outside your boundaries?

Are you hanging out with people that get you thinking outside what is in your usual thinking pattern?

Are you hanging out with visionaries – or are you hanging out with the wrong crowd?

Lately, I’ve been reflecting and considering the kinds of people I am finding myself around. To tell you honestly, it is in two categories: The first category: People that are practical, rational who think about the finances, yet caring. The second category: People that are simply inspiring, creative and awe-ing in the kinds of actions they take in their life. You can most probably tell the kinds of people I would be most inclined to be around more. (Not to say it is not good to be around different kinds of people!)

Yesterday, I was able to spend time with individuals that come from different art backgrounds, drama, dance, theatre, photography, video, etc. They are a group of people that do art, and plan programs for young people. And honest be told, it was like home*. If you have not heard the quote, “Home is where the art is, ” This is what we helped each other do in this group:

They get me thinking outside the boundaries of my own creation

They get me exploring new ideas

They get me open up to new possibilities

They get me realizing that it is totally fine to be weird and do uncommon actions

They get me imagining more

And I have to tell you… it’s great to be around people that think differently!

Their energy and their influence rubs off on me.

Consider hanging around more with creative people.

“let my ceiling be your floor”

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