On Leadership

Had a bit of a reflection time on this aspect: Leadership.

How many of you have taken on a leadership position? If you have, you would know, how it is like to work with a team. Within a team, you have people coming from different backgrounds. To the person leading a team, it is of a great responsibility to know who these people are, in the team, strengths and weaknesses included. There has been times, especially this year, where perhaps I could have been ”better”: in terms of leading, managing and working with people in the team. However, I also know that when given opportunities to lead, it is not without responsibilities. There is definitely without doubt, going to be challenges and obstacles to go over, as a one person, or as a group. Many of which can’t be predicted. Many of which don’t guarantee complete success rate. Leaders are not perfect; they were not made to be perfect. They are made to set an example, and I think every one in a team can be a leader. A leader can come from anywhere within a team setting, whether they just joined in, or have been there for years. Each person their own.

What makes you a leader? If you don’t realize just the great things you can offer in a team, you are missing out on something.
As a person, we have our own flaws. That is inevitable; however, what are the unique qualities you have to offer? That is something I have been thinking about; Things I could improve more as a person and what I can offer as a team player. But also, I think, how much these so called ‘flaws’ helped me realize the things I am great at.

What to improve within myself as a leader:
ALOT. Too many to name. But I can tell you that I am imperfect with my own fears, flaws, imperfections, taints, worries, negative attributes.
But that goes with every one. Who am I to tell you….

To give you some background information: This year was my first year chairing an art project with a team. At first, I was worried and even a bit scared because there is no way I can predict just what would go right and wrong with this project. All I knew is that , for anyone joining in a team, they each have something worth while to bring into a team. Sometimes, when things don’t go to plan, I get upset and email the person; I have to say it is not their personality, it is just something I wanted them to work on and be more conscious of. I realize that as a leader, sometimes we have to make decisions which would effect the person we are addressing it to. Sometimes, we have to say things we don’t like.
A project worthwhile to be done can’t be achieved without a group of dedicated and committed individuals that see it going somewhere. Without this, a project can simply be done as a task, rather than with any deep purpose and mission.

How do we each bring the best of ourselves in a group and team setting. I can’t tell you how much I believe in this aspect: That every one has something very special to offer in a team setting.Some challenges that arises often include communication; no doubt on that, since we are dealing with people.

I guess my final conclusion is that with every challenge we face, we simply grow, and expand our limits.

So Keep expanding~

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